• How do I find my app ID? And what version of Keap do I have?

    If you have Keap Pro or Max, check out this article. If you're in Max Classic, or unsure what version of Keap you have, watch this quick video.

  • Which Keap training should I start with?

    It depends on what you need - if you're a brand new user with Keap Pro or Keap Max, then this is for you.

    If you're a new Max Classic user, we recommend the Max Classic Starter Kit.

    And if you're specifically looking to level up the way you use Keap's campaign builder, then check out the Advanced Automations collection.

  • Where do I go for support?

    As part of your Keap subscription, you have access to our free chat and phone support - you can find the contact info for those options here. Additionally, if you're looking for feedback, or a place to get ideas - you can join the conversation in the official Keap User Group here.

  • What are tags in Keap, and how do I use them?

    Tags are a critical feature in Keap - at their simplest, you can think of tags as labels to help keep your contacts organized. But tags can also be used to start and stop automation, or as criteria to help you refine searches and reports.

    More on tags here.

  • How do I authenticate my email domain in Keap?

    Here are some more details on DKIM authentication.

  • Can I find pre-built automations anywhere?

    Yes - there is a library of pre-built automation templates available in the Keap Marketplace.

  • What upcoming events are scheduled?

    You can find a list of upcoming Keap events here.

  • Where can I find event replays?

    Event replays (and webinar recordings) are all uploaded to this site once they're available.

  • What is Lifecycle Automation?

    Lifecycle Automation is a way of planning and organizing the experience you create for your leads, prospects, and customers. This course will introduce the concept, and show you how to begin using it in your business.