• Keap Community

    The Keap Community is an active community of Keap users, perfect for asking questions, getting feedback, or drawing inspiration from how others are using Keap in their businesses.

  • Events

    The events page is where you'll find details and registration for upcoming live and virtual events throughout the entire Keap ecosystem.

  • Help Center

    The Help Center is the best place to go for click-step tutorials on using specific features throughout Keap.

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  • Contact Support

    The Keap Technical Support team is standing by and always happy to assist - if you feel stuck, have a question, or just want a second set of eyes to review something, call in or reach out via chat.

  • Marketplace

    Introducing...the Keap Marketplace! The Marketplace is a curated directory of people, apps, and services designed to help you solve problems in your business, and maximize the way you're using automation.

  • Known Issues

    The Known Issues page houses a running list of current outstanding issues that are being addressed - if you're seeing unusual behavior, this is a good place to check to see if it's already something Keap is working on resolving.

  • Keap Blog

    The Keap Blog will keep you up to date on small business marketing trends, tactics, and strategies. Plus, you’ll find our newsletter sign up there.

  • Referral Program

    Have friends or colleagues that should join Keap? We updated our referral program to make sharing Keap with your network and collecting referral commissions easier than ever. Join here.

  • Done-For-You Services

    Keap recommends several strategies that every business owner should have in their business. For select plays, we now offer a Done-For-You option to help get you across the finish line. Our Experts will build automation for you, giving you back the time to focus on what you love doing best.

  • Recent Updates

    Check out all of our Monthly Release Videos here. Additionally, to see bug fixes and feature improvements included in each software release check out the recent updates section of our blog.

  • API Documentation

    If you are a developer, or are looking for documentation for accessing Keap's API to add or retrieve information, or start and stop automation, then the  developer center is for you.