Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    1. Facebook Audiences, Text Field Formatter

    2. Contact Validation, Engagement Triggers, Email Preferences

    3. SMS Conversations and Easy Check-in

    1. Countdown Timers and SmartLinks

    2. Slack Connector and Google Sheets Exporter

    3. Zoom Connector, Add-to-Calendar, Video Triggers, and Page Triggers

    1. Simple Survey

    2. Docusign, Calendly, and Document Uploads

    3. Contact Creator

    1. Supercharged Customer Journey Example

    2. Next Steps

    3. Feedback

About this course

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  • 13 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Supercharge your Automation with PlusThis

Some of the Features Showcased in this Course

  • SmartLinks

    A single link that goes to different URLs based on what you know about them.

  • Video Tracking

    Automatically tag contacts when they watch a video (or part of one).

  • Email Preferences

    Let your subscribers opt into or out of emails on different topics.

  • Countdown Timer

    Add a sense of urgency to your promotions with a countdown timer.

  • Text Field Formatter

    Automatically format text in certain fields to make sure inputs are standardized.

  • File Upload

    Collect files from your customers and automatically store them in Google Drive.

  • Engagement Triggers

    Automatically track and segment your audience based on engagement.

  • Contact Validator

    Automatically check to make sure new leads have valid contact information.

  • SMS Conversations

    Collect leads through an automated text message conversation.

  • Calendar Integration

    Connect your Calendly (or Acuity) appointments back to Keap.

  • Zoom Connector

    Automatically register leads for Zoom meetings (or webinars).

  • Add-to-Calendar

    Increase event attendance by giving your registrants and add-to-calendar option.