Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    1. Product Set Up

    2. Merchant Accounts

    3. Storefront and Shopping Cart

    4. Order Forms

    5. Shipping and Taxes

    1. Fulfilment Automation

    2. Fulfilment Reports

    3. Legacy Purchase Actions

    1. Manual Orders

    2. Refunds

    3. Promos, Discounts, and Free Trials

    4. Billing Automation

    5. Sales Reporting

    6. Receivables Campaign - Part 1

    7. Receivables Campaign - Part 2

    8. Bundle Links, Inventory, Cost

    9. Other Settings

    1. Parting Advice and Resources

    2. Feedback

About this course

  • Free
  • 20 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Orders, payments, and post-purchase automation

Here's what's in store

  • Product Set Up

    A walkthrough of how you can set up your products, subscriptions, and services inside of Keap

  • Payment Processing

    Exploration of the different checkout options you have access to for facilitating the transaction

  • Quotes and Invoices

    Learn how to use quotes and invoices to negotiate a deal, and create an order once it's been accepted

  • Financial Reporting

    Explore and understand the financial reports you have access to inside your Keap Account

  • Post-Purchase Automation

    Guidance for using automation to design the experience you want to create for your new customers