Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Navigating Keap

    3. Know your Edition

    1. Organize contacts

    2. Update profile information

    3. Connect your favorite tools to Keap

    1. Set up a business phone number

    2. Set up a marketing phone number

    3. Message templates

    1. Collect Leads: Create a public form

    2. Convert Clients: Set up a consultation appointment

    3. Create Fans: Set up Google reviews

    1. Track sales and more with Pipeline

    2. Create your first invoice and send out reminders to pay

    3. Create a checkout form to sell products and services

    1. Next Steps

    2. Share your feedback!

About this course

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"This entire outline was very, very thoughtful from the beginning to the end... this has been the most comforting way to start going through learning a new program. As a business owner, it's very time consuming to figure out how to navigate a new program and get it implemented. I would give the Day One with Keap 100% across the board."

Stephanie, Keap User